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Chalk Pit Records - “Embodying the sound of long-gone house parties and carefree get-togethers, “When We Were Young” is a celebration of the messiness and exuberance of youth. ”

MXDWN - "...[When we Were Young] initially recalls the carefree vibes of pre-9/11 ’90s alternative music, though as the song progresses and the beat drops in, the duo’s influence of downtempo, dream pop and ambient music is unmistakable"

She Makes Music - "[When We Were Young] captures the vitality and nostalgia of reflecting on the past"

MXDWN - Best New Artist 2020

Pop Dust - "Claire's haunting tones invest the lyrics with stark melancholy""


The Spill Magazine - "They explore every musical crevice... full of sheer inventiveness and passion... an effort that leaves nothing off the table and evolves with each listen"


Black Book Media - "Building from moody ballad, to Cobain-worthy midsection and ending in a sparse trance of harmonics, the track viscerally captures the rise and fall of emotions that come with death"


MXDWN - "Claire Cuny’s rich, sultry vocals take the forefront. Plinking piano keys and a gradually shift into heavier instrumentation add a dramatic flare to the song, showcasing the undeniable chemistry of Cuny and her bandmate Monte Weber"


BTR Today - "Powerful yet soothing vocals accompanied by slow melancholic slide guitar to express the torment, the numbness, and the confusion that balls up inside someone who loses a loved one."


Girl Underground - "Takes a new reality, post-apocalyptic electronics, and expansive soundscape to ride the mental waves of anguish."


Music & Riots - "An intoxicating blend of avant-pop with beautifully constructed and pliable melodies"


The Big Takeover - "A funky, futuristic spectacle that shines brightly"


Art Voice - "Future-pop that sounds like a fiery mix between St. Vincent and Radiohead"


MXDWN - "Delightfully-experimental sound that pushes boundaries while retaining an ultra-cool pop-chic quality that’s like little else out there"


The Deli - "Nothing if not absolutely striking... clever instrumentals and cutting edge musical tech with sultry vocals and sharp-tongued lyricism"


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